Update on Schoolyard field redevelopment


I received some questions about what is happening with the fencing in the schoolyard fields.  I reached out to the President of the community league.  The following is an update regarding the status of the redevelopment of the fields.  This will also appear in an upcoming Raggtimes.


No doubt most Brookview residents have seen the construction in the Bulyea Road Park. The park redevelopment is halfway completed as the contractor has completed and paved the trails and connection nodes in the park. The wet weather this summer delayed the start of construction so the contractor could not complete the second half of the project - the planting of several hundred trees throughout the park.
You probably have seen all the fencing throughout the park. Unfortunately, the fencing will remain in place until the spring and the completion of the landscaping. They have left the fencing to prevent any accidents around the pathway and connection nodes construction. The city has determined the unfinished work could be a hazard for children and adults walking or playing in these areas. 
The areas behind the hall and school are open including the little hill that is used for sledding. We are going to see if we can lay cross country ski trails in the park although the trails will be shorter than in previous years. 
We apologize for the restrictions the construction has created. However, we are happy that the project is finally being completed. We are planning a community event in the late spring to celebrate the completion of the park. Stay tuned for updates.

Brookview Community League