City of Edmonton Dog Park Pilot Project and Results

Hello Brookview Community,


As you may know, the city chose green space at Bulyea Park as one of the pop-up dog parks in 2023.  We (BCL) made one of the applications to participate in the pilot project to create yet another opportunity for neighbours to gather locally in their community.  The location of the dog park was in the south-east corner of the green space (south of the temporary community garden boxes, another city pilot project undertaken by BCL).  The dog park season was scheduled to be between May and October.


Prior to the pilot program, the city posted the feedback from its dog park engagement campaign and some of the overall results included:

  • 54% support the initiative based on convenience, community need and location
  • 42% oppose the initiative based on child safety, dog behaviour, irresponsible ownership 

Upon completion of the pilot program, the city encouraged feedback from its citizens and that feedback included the following (specifically from the Bulyea Heights area)


Information about the pop-up dog park can be found at the following link.


The city has stated that they will provide more information on the next steps of its dog park pilot program in early 2024.  Look out for more information from the city and from BCL.  Are there other areas in Bulyea park where people feel the dog park is better located?


Best regards,

Kyle Fodchuk

President, Brookview Community League


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